The CATEROCK.COM cookie policy was prepared in accordance with the obligations arising from the amendment to the Telecommunications Law, which entered into force on March 22, 2013. These obligations are implemented throughout Europe as a result of the implementation of the European directive.

What are cookies?

Cookies (so-called “cookies”) are small text files sent from the servers of visited websites and applications and stored by internet browsers and other technological solutions on personal computers. Thanks to them, it is possible to provide high-quality services in the business model used and improve the use of it. These files identify the Internet user when visiting again or as part of a single visit to improve certain functions, e.g. related to logging in, storage of the basket content or to provide personalized information. Cookies used on the CATEROCK.COM website are secure and do not have a harmful effect on the end device. Only the data that CATEROCK.COM stores and has access to them are stored in cookies. Therefore, e.g. external data about other websites or applications are not stored in anything.

Cookie management

Cookies used on the CATEROCK.COM website can be managed through your web browser settings. (In Internet Explorer cookies can be turned off using the settings – TOOLS – INTERNET OPTIONS – PRIVACY – BLOCK ALL COOKIES. In Firefox browser by modifying the settings – TOOLS – OPTIONS – PRIVACY). The changes you make will not affect cookies already stored on your computer. These files can be deleted via your browser settings. Internet users can freely manage the cookies used. It should be remembered, however, that blocking “cookies” may be associated with limited access or complete lack of access to the service offered by CATEROCK.COM

What cookies does CATEROCK.COM use?

Cookies used on CATEROCK.COM are divided into categories:

session cookies,
persistent cookies,
external cookies

Session cookies

These are necessary cookies that enable you to navigate the website and use its basic functions.They are used in one session. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on the User’s end device until logging out, leaving the website or turning off the software (web browser).

Are used to:

Identifying users as logged in. Guaranteeing connection to the appropriate website service when making any modifications to the operation of this website.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are those that provide specific functions not only within one session, but throughout the entire duration of the file being stored on your computer. These are files related to the performance of the service and its functionalities. Performance cookies are used to collect information on how the site is used, including information about subpages visited by the user and any errors. Functionality cookies facilitate the provision of services and remember settings designed to help users use our service. Persistent cookies do not collect any information that could reveal your identity: they are processed as anonymous data and are only used to improve the operation of the page or application, recognize the interests of visitors and measure the effectiveness of ads. We use them to:

– Collecting statistics on how to use our website and application
– Checking the effectiveness of our ads
– Improving the operation of our site by registering errors
– Showing users that they are logged in to our website.

External Cookies

External cookies are files that enable cooperation with external companies or services. Among them are research cookies that provide analytical systems with data on the popularity of the service. These are also files related to services such as the ‘Like’ button or ‘Share’ button. External cookies used on the CATEROCK.COM website are used to:

Connections to social networking sites (e.g. Facebook), which can then use information about visits of individual users to profile advertisements on other websites.

Cookies on the CATEROCK.COM website are collected by the company:

OUTDOOR S.C. EDYTA SARNA RAFAŁ GOŁAS with headquarters in PONAD, Silesian, 43-600 Jaworzno, ul. Grunwaldzka 106, VAT: PL6322003243.

Legal notice – update

We reserve the right to make changes and corrections to the abovementioned policy. Please visit the site from time to time to review this and additional information.